Fall Fun

I watched as my 8-year-old girls slid into their climbing harnesses and started the short walk to Holiday Valley’s Climbing Forest—home to climbing challenges of varying difficulty.



Memory Maker

Casey Wooddell loved everything about his days as a youngster playing sports—the games, the coaches, the friendships, and the experiences.

A Slave To Technology

I have a bank account that is solely used to pay my mortgage. In fact, I have several bank accounts for different functions.

Dog Park Maintenance

It wasn’t long ago when maintenance for a dog park did not even have a page in recreation history; today, however, new dog parks are springing up somewhere nearly every day and maintenance has become a real and evolving part of doing business.

In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment

A few months ago, I wrote about motivation and referenced the famous Nike “Just do it!” slogan, which got me thinking about some other 1980s and 1990s advertising campaigns and their celebrity messengers.

A Wetland That Works

Located 25 miles south of Buffalo, N.Y., along the Lake Erie shoreline, the New York State (NYS) Thruway Authority made improvements to Interstate 90 (I-90), a project that inadvertently affected about 2 acres of emergent marsh wetlands in the area.

Senior Citizen Playgrounds

When someone mentions a park or recreation facility, most think of grass, swings, sports fields, and playgrounds. What is a “playground” though and who is it for?

Not Your Daddy’s Locker Room

Growing up in the 1960s and ‘70s, I saw a locker room as a cavernous, uncomfortable, smelly public space whose functional design focused less on personal space and more on efficiently serving a large number of people.

Getting Older And Getting Better

Think of it as one-stop shopping for everything a healthy, active senior needs. The Adult Activity Center (AAC) in St. Charles, Ill., is a hive of activity and a haven for older adults looking to hold the aging process at bay.