Safe Handling

Understanding the proper use and storage of these chemicals ensures a safe and hazard free experience for the operators of swimming pools and spas.

A Pit Stop For Paddlers

In 2009, the Minnesota DNR completed a master plan for the Ottertail River. Part of that study concluded that an 8-mile stretch of the river was not navigable into Fergus Falls because no canoe/kayak access existed above Central Dam.

The Calming Effect Of Keepsakes

My 2-year-old granddaughter Isabella drags around an 8-inch stuffed dog named Mollie, which is never out of her sight. Mollie has been to the zoo, the fair, the movies, a number of restaurants, and many stores.

You’re Not Alone!

As the president of the North Texas Aquatics Association, I recently surveyed aquatic professionals to determine the challenges and obstacles they are facing.

Aging Facilities

In the 1980s and ‘90s there was a surge of water park projects and attractions across the United States that catered to public demands for fun; these facilities went beyond common rectangular swimming pools as places to beat the heat.

Reeling With Memorable Moments

On a beautiful day in mid-May, the boys couldn’t stop horsing around. Running on the soft sand close to the lake’s edge and shoving each other playfully, they just couldn’t stay still.

Train To Be A Champion

The Naval Station Great Lakes’ Warrior Zone, designed for functional fitness and high-intensity training, opened in November 2014 to meet the needs of its military personnel.

Go The Extra Mile

Those who are lucky enough to work at a municipal fitness center are probably competing with large, multi-national gyms for customers. So what are some of the best ways to stay competitive in this ever-changing field?

Capital Improvement Planning 101

Expanding or renovating an athletic complex is never easy. The decision to proceed is often determined by others—or from various sources—and your task may be to help make the project come together.