ParksNReviews Mobile App Is Here!

Visit the App Store or Google Play store via your phone or tablet to download the version that’s right for you.

Or, use this smart link:

Get Your Parks In The App!
Join the more than 15,000 parks already listed in the ParksNReviews website, mobile website and mobile app.

How The App Works
The app displays parks within a 25-mile radius of a park user’s location. Park patrons can narrow their search by distance and/or amenities offered. They can also click through listings to read reviews, ratings, and detailed descriptions of park services.

Park Details
The park description and amenities you entered via your Insider account show up here. If you choose to add a logo, video, photo gallery, or document, they show up here as well. Park patrons use this screen to “check-in” to your park/amenities, post a Review/Rating, and share on Twitter or Facebook.

Park Rank
As patrons “check in” to your parks and amenities and post reviews and ratings, your rank in the app grows, changing the color of your pushpin from red to purple to green (the highest level). So, take time to utilize our free marketing materials to spread the word about your parks!

Park patrons can earn badges by “checking in” to individual amenities at your park. The more amenities they use, the more badges they earn – and they can quickly post their badge status to Facebook. They can also use the “check in” feature to track their overall park visits and even find their car if they get lost.

Share On Social Media
Easily share the details of your visit — favorite activity, favorite photo of the day, funniest thing that happened, advice to others — with family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Add Your Parks Now!
If you want your parks and facilities to be included in this mobile application — simply log in to your Insider account (or call 866-444-4216 to get one) and create a listing for each one of your parks/facilities.

As soon as you hit save, your park will be live on ParksNReviews and will automatically display in the mobile website and app when they are launched.

It’s really that easy, but if you still have questions, take a look at the short video tutorial we’ve created.

Get Your Park In The App – Tutorial

Toll Free: 866-444-4216
Fax: 330-723-6598

2 Responses to ParksNReviews Mobile App Is Here!

  1. sabrina says:

    How do I get the app?? No where does it say how to find the app, so I can’t promote it to my customers.

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