Atwood Park and Center

(as of 6/18/2013) Historic Seth B. Atwood Park, commonly referred to as Atwood, encompasses woodland, prairie, river, and marsh habitats. Atwood is home to the Birds of Prey program and accessible exhibit, which features owls, hawks, and bald eagles in residence for visitors to enjoy.
Seth B. Atwood Park contains 334 acres of land with approximately one mile of the Kishwaukee River flowing through it. There is a variety of ecosystems, ranging from new forest growth to climax forests of oak, hickory, and walnut, from a marsh area to a large quarry, from a restored prairie to a dry creek bed where students and campers can look for fossils.
Atwood Center is climate-controlled and consists of a large dining area complete with a stone fireplace and beautiful views of the park, two classrooms, a nature display area, two bunk rooms, separate bathrooms and showers, and private teachers’ sleeping and bath quarters. Its overnight capacity is 79. Atwood Center offers summer resident camp weeks for youth, and is also available for weekend retreats, offering two classrooms, meeting space with dormitories, and optional meal service. A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve program dates.

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Park Details
  • National Recreation & Park Association
Natural Areas
  • Bird Watching
  • Eco Classes
  • Green Space
  • Hiking
  • Historic Interest
  • Naturalists
  • Nature Centers
  • Open Space
Site Amenities
  • Facility Rentals
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Multi-use Indoor Facility
  • Restrooms - Permanent
  • Tree House
  • Visitor's Center
  • Hiking
  • Overnight Camp
  • Walking
  • River

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